I just came across a small but wonderful piece of writing from a long-time practitioner, which does a pretty good job explaining what the real purpose of using the Releasing Process is. Before you read further I just want to remind you something: if you do not understand some or all of what follows, or you feel any discomfort or any other reaction comes up, or you feel bored and want to discontinue reading, it is all absolutely OK. The fact is that you don’t have to understand the “real purpose” of Releasing to get benefits from it. What we need is not intellectual understanding but experiential insight, which alone can lead to freedom, peace, abundance etc. So, as you work with Releasing, over time your own experiential insights will lead to the realization of many of the points written below.

For your consideration:

The Process enables us to see how our appearance, behavior and individual life circumstances (what we show the outer world) is our ego. The ego’s desire to seek approval and acknowledgment from others is so strong that most of us possess little will of our own.
The Process helps us to detach from our experiences and remember that who we are is the silent, still, invisible quality of our own Inner Presence or “Observer.”
Connecting with our Inner Presence enables us to see and integrate the difference between the Self and our experiences. Inner Presence empowers us to respond consciously to life as opposed to reacting, it enables us to see how we create the circumstances of our life, to let go of our victim (complaining) and victor (competing) mentality and the illusion of time where we focus mostly on the past and future.
When we focus on the surface of things we have little awareness of life’s vibrant inner energetic connected-ness. Life is “energy in motion.” The Process awakens us from living in time and shows how the events of our adult life are generated from unintegrated childhood experiences.
The Process is about “Not-doing.” When we engage in “Not-doing” painful unconscious memories rise to the surface. We become aware of who and what we are. We integrate reflections (experiences that remind us of something) and projections (behavior in reaction to the memory). The ghosts from our past (reflections) and chasing them (projections) push our “buttons” and act as “triggers.” Awareness allows triggered events to act as “messengers.” When we look beyond “the messenger” to “get the message” we become our own ghost-buster.
Emotional cleansing occurs when we stop reacting and attend to our feelings. Once a feeling that resonates with our triggered emotional response is identified ask, “When did I last experience the same emotional reaction?” We’ll find these reactions occurred in the past. By choosing to focus on the message not the messenger, we stop being a victim or victor. This choice empowers us to respond consciously to life as opposed to reacting to it. The extent of our negative emotional charge separates us from “being in charge” versus “carrying a charge.” Reactive behavior adds fuel to the fire while responsive behavior throws water on it. Reactive behavior involves blaming, guilt and regret. A negative emotional charge inhibits real movement and a positive charge encourages it.
To restore inner balance dismiss the messenger, get the message, identify the feelings, be with the “pain” and apply Compassionate Presence without judgment. Compassion is activated by loving and embracing our inner child until the upset passes.
When we give compassionate attention to our discomfort we allow ourselves to feel it to heal it. This works with disagreements, physical ailments and conflicts.
Compassion is the key to reopening our heart and detoxifying our Soul. The process reactivates physical presence, mental clarity, emotional balance and allows us to be in the world but not of it.
We are all looking for unconditional love. When we bless others with unconditional love we set ourselves free. Unconditional love is only received and experienced when we give it. By forgiving ourselves we automatically forgive others.
There is nothing to get from the world. The act of “getting” is a reflection of lack. Giving is receiving. When we change, the world changes because it is a mirror.
Believing we have to do something to receive unconditional love leads to endless “doing” to prove we are worthy of being alive, succeeding and “earning a living.” In truth we are attempting to “earn love.” The Process asks us to stop, breathe, watch, respond, feel and pay attention. It is the realization we are already all we can “BE.” We are perfect, whole and complete as we are. There is nothing to “DO” but be present in this moment, here and now.
To appreciate ourselves for who and what we are right now, without judgment, concerns, conditions or expectations.
We must commit to saying “yes” when you mean yes and “no” when you mean no. “No” is a complete sentence.
We are one with all life. Our bodies, heart, mind and spirit are connected energetically to all living things. Our mind has capacities that extend beyond the physical body.
Because of our present planetary belief that physical bodies separate us from each other, our mind explains away Oneness experiences. To become aware of the experience of Oneness we must invite Oneness into our awareness.
The Process asks us to see the world as a temporary veil that obscures the permanent, real Presence of spirit and energy. Authentic joy is where happiness and unhappiness blend into one. We accept all that life has to offer, including the challenges.
When we stop seeking the extraordinary, ordinary moments become extraordinary. Life becomes a journey, not a destination.
The separation between form and spirit, “doing” and Being, is a state of mind. It’s a choice, a place in the heart, a chosen level of awareness that simply requires Presence.




Vivek Venugopal.

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