Sharing some thoughts on how Releasing Process relates to material abundance, or plainly speaking, money. “Material abundance” is the more preferred term to use since money is just a symbol for abundance rather than abundance itself. Throughout this post, both terms will be used interchangeably wherever relevant. Q & A format will be followed, as that is more suitable to make things clear.

How exactly is Releasing Process helpful in achieving material abundance? Isn’t the Releasing Process all about realization of Freedom? To me, that sounds more spiritual than material/worldly. So, please explain how the Process can help me toward material abundance.

For most of us, money is a very sensitive subject. We have many limiting emotions, especially fear, guilt and lust, associated with the topic of money. We also hold many limiting beliefs about money, such as “it is difficult to make money”, “one has to put in lots of effort, work very, very hard to earn money and become rich”, “being rich is bad/unethical/not-spiritual”, “having lots of money with oneself is very risky, because there are takers out there always looking for an opportunity to rob oneself”, “all rich people are very selfish and dishonest, so I don’t want to be rich”, “richness and pride always go together”, “one cannot retain/develop positive qualities like honesty, tenderheartedness, compassion, humility and simplicity if one becomes rich” and of course, the mother of all such beliefs — “money is the root of all evils”. We also carry beliefs which got imprinted from our parents during our childhood. We model the behavior and beliefs that our parents have regarding money during situations which revolved around money when we were children  Such beliefs are very deeply ingrained in our unconscious mind and determine a whole lot of our present behaviors, even steering how our life moves forward.

Such deep, unconscious inner-limitations are like huge baggage which we carry around all through our lives. As long as we keep holding on to such limitations, we would never be able to even understand what true abundance is, what possibilities life really has in store for everyone of us. This is where we need to allow the power of the Releasing Process to work through us.

Releasing Process helps us to let go of such limiting emotions and beliefs which prevent us from manifesting abundance in our lives. When we are set free of such limitations, it is but natural for material abundance to manifest. Unlimited energy and creativity which is already within us, is unlocked. Earlier those greater powers remained hidden from our awareness because of the limitations we were holding on to. But when those limitations are removed, the powers start manifesting in all sort of positive ways. So, on the journey to Freedom we also unleash the power that is already within each one of us to manifest abundance in our lives.

How is this different from Positive Thinking psychology, Affirmations technique, mind-conditioning techniques such as NLP, Law of Attraction etc?

Mind-conditioning techniques such LoA and NLP are very popular all over the world and people have been using them to change their behavior, emotional state, their circumstances for decades. Repeating positive affirmations or conditioning the mind using visualizations etc do not help to address the cause of the scarcity or problems we have with money. It is not that such techniques are useless. They are indeed useful to an extent, however, they work only on the surface of the mind. They cannot penetrate deep into our body-mind and work on the root of the problem. For instance, repeating affirmations throughout the day about money but at the same time, holding limiting beliefs about money in the unconscious mind such as “money is the root of all evil” will most often prove very limited in its effectiveness. Since, we do not address the root of the problem, any positive changes that we possibly receive through such mind-conditioning techniques often are limited or temporary. The moment we stop using such techniques to change our behavior, our mental state or our circumstances, the results also disappear and we go back to where we started. This is also one of the main reasons why we keep falling back to old habits and life goes back to old ways, even after doing such practices for many years. Releasing Process directly starts penetrating to the root of the problem by uncovering layers after layers of limiting emotions, beliefs and other tendencies until all such limitations are freed forever. After the mind is cleared of even the last traces of any limitation, there is no going back. True abundance just flows from us. But this may take time and there is no definite, common time frame that can said for everyone. Depending on the layers of limitations we hold in our unconscious mind, our work with the Releasing Process will take the natural pace of time required to integrate all of them. That is why persistence with using the Process is very important.

It is a little bit like cutting down a big tree with an ax. We start hitting on the trunk of the tree with the ax at a particular spot. The initial hits do not seem to make any impact whatsoever to the tree, it still stays upright. But we keep hitting it cutting the trunk layer by layer, until a point is reached wherein the tree starts to shake with each hit. The shakes start getting bigger and bigger until a point reaches where the trunk has been cut substantially so that it is no longer able to hold the tree upright. Finally, the trunk falls down in its own weight and thus, our task is accomplished. In this example, it is worth pointing out that initial attempts did not appear to yield the result that we intended but that does not mean that our work was useless in the initial stages. It was only because of the work we put in during the initial stages that we were able to cut down the tree in the end. In the same way, we may not see abundance manifesting right away when we start using the Process but that does not mean that the Process is not working. Just like cutting down the tree, it will take time and that varies from person to person.

Another point to note is that, the moment the tree falls down in its own weight, there is no way we can set it back upright. The change has been done forever, it is not reversible. In the same way, there comes a point when we have freed ourselves from even the most deepest layer of limitation in our mind through using the Process, there is no going back. We are freed from the limitations forever.

In this way, the Releasing Process helps to make permanent and ecologically sound changes. This not only paves the way to realization of Freedom, but also realization and manifestation of abundance in and around us.

OK, so what do I do? Do I just sit around doing nothing else but the Releasing Process and wealth will start coming to me?

Releasing Process is about effortlessness and the natural unfolding of true abundance, not laziness, miracles or magical/ wishful thinking. What we do now is we keep carrying around our inner-limitations, not even aware of them and then put in way too much mental and physical effort to satisfy our cravings. Our cravings and aversions keep us bound to our limitations and life remains a suffering mostly. Also, holding on to such inner-limitations within us takes a lot of energy. Releasing Process helps us free all that enormous energy so that we can choose to divert them to more creative and satisfying endeavors. As we start letting go of our limitations through the Process, the multifarious ways in which each practitioner starts moving toward Freedom and true abundance has a beauty, uniqueness and elegance of its own.

Here are some examples which would indicate that we have started moving towards manifesting true abundance:

* You find yourself making creative and empowering decisions regarding money much easily. Earlier you were not even aware that you are capable of making such empowering decisions and act on them.

* New avenues and action plans start coming in your mind out of nowhere. You also start taking action on those plans without resistance and it leads to you making more money.

* Your inner-conflicts related to money are all resolved and you start managing money matters much more effectively.

* You stop taking actions which are detrimental to manifesting abundance in your life.

Here is what a long-time practitioner of Releasing Process has to say from his personal experience related to money:

“I make more money now with greater ease than I have ever done because of both the releasing I have done and the actions I have taken in the world.

I now make enough money in one week to pay my outgoings for the month and I can sustain this income level with one hour of work per day. I love what I do and it makes a positive difference for other people. I am telling you this to demonstrate that what I say is based on experience of what works.

Before releasing I worked 50 + hours per week at something I hated and I had very little money or time left over at the end of the month. Living like this does not bring out the best in anyone and affects everyone you interact with.

To make more money you have to do one thing – stop making it so difficult for yourself! You need to let go of your resistance to having more and you need to take charge of your limiting emotional states.

Take a real world example…

Two people look at the same great opportunity and one turns it down while the other goes for it. Why? Assuming both people have the business acumen to assess the opportunity – greed and fear stop you from making good decisions.

Your clouded perspective on money will stop you from having more by telling you: it can´t be that easy; I don´t deserve it; what if I lose money etc.

The more you release on money the less important money is to you emotionally. It no longer represents security in the way it used to i.e. you are less attached to it and less averse to losing it.

Only when you have no attachments and aversions to money are you free of the grip money has on most people. In this state of abundance you have a lot of power to create positive change in the world and to help others to create more abundance – staying poor or restricted financially helps nobody.”




Vivek Venugopal.

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