over eatingOver eating and obesity is a major problem people face now a days. We eat when we get bored, frustrated or when we feel we are incomplete. We think we need to consume more to feel happy and whole. We eat to feed the STARVING MIND rather than the starving body and as a result the body suffers. The MOST CURIOUS THING IS THAT the moment we start realising that our body suffer from over eating, we feel guilt about our habit of over eating. we start blaming ourselves and as a result the mind suffers. It continues up to the time of the next meals. The moment we think about the food, we offer ourselves a full filled plate in order to heal the wound we created by blaming earlier. Again, We eat to feed the starving mind!!! IF THIS IS SOME WHAT SIMILAR TO YOUR MENTAL DYNAMICS, BE AWARE OF THIS VICIOUS CIRCLE AND BREAK IT.
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