First off, I’d like to note that the title of this post is a little misleading in some ways. The title seems to suggest that we are not free now and that some day through our own efforts we will “reach” Freedom, as if it is a state to be reached or a “thing” to be attained. To tell you the truth, that is not really accurate. If there is one thing which we will learn through Releasing is that we are already free, complete and whole. It is the realization, not intellectually but rather energetically, of this freedom, wholeness and completeness, that is the true end of Releasing and the benefits of that end are immense.

But anyway, when we consider the practical side of things, right now in this moment if we look about as well as within ourselves, we deeply and honestly believe that we are not free, that we are limited and imperfect, that we are not fully happy, whole or complete, that we need to do something, or go somewhere, or get something, or be with someone to be whole and complete. This belief that we are limited and separate entities is the root of all suffering and the Releasing Process helps us to end our suffering by eliminating our deeply-embedded beliefs. Attainment of Freedom is the realization that we are already free. So, what is it that we need to do to attain Freedom? There is only one thing: get to the root of our suffering and eliminate it. Suffering removed, is Freedom attained. Yes, it is that straight-forward.

And the Releasing Process teaches us to do this elegantly and gently by letting go of our limiting emotions, thoughts and beliefs. When we first start doing the Process, almost everyone starts experiencing at some time or the other feelings of peace and even bliss, in most cases the very first time since we possibly experienced those feelings in childhood. So, we get excited.  For the first time we experience a sense of relief from the pain we have been holding on to for such a long time. We notice that we become more happy, calm and at ease with everything around us. We even notice that circumstances start changing in our favor. Long-running problems, both internal and external, start to dissolve by themselves. We may even start getting unexpected material benefits like money or possessions which we have been wanting to get for so long. In short, life becomes effortless.

For a while, that is. The human mind is a very tricky thing. When life starts getting effortless, the thinking mind infers that through the Releasing Process it could achieve anything and everything by using the Process as a tool. The mind starts to figure out ways to get more stuff through the Releasing Process. In this way we forget the real point of using the Releasing Process and we start using it to get more stuff, both external things like money and possessions as well as internal things like feelings of happiness and bliss. Freedom from suffering takes a back seat, now we are back to wanting more things. So, we start to use the Process to feed our ego, when in fact, the true purpose of the Process is to eliminate it. The mind starts saying things like, “let’s have a bigger house through Releasing”, “let’s get a Mercedes Benz through Releasing”, “let’s change our spouse’s behavior through Releasing” and so on. When something is not agreeable to us we start releasing to change it. We attempt to control circumstances through releasing. But the Releasing Process does not work that way. So when things don’t turn out the way we want to, we become frustrated and experience all sorts of limiting feelings. We keep “trying” to release everything but it doesn’t work. Nothing changes! In Releasing Process this is called experiencing stuck-ness. We get stuck. Enormous resistance starts coming from within us to the surface overwhelming us at times. This is one of the major ways how we sabotage our journey to Freedom and true abundance. Any practitioner of the Releasing Process will need to be watchful of this if he intends to make further progress with releasing.

The good news is we don’t have to be too concerned or worried about this. The moment we become aware of the patterns of the mind and how it tries to control things using the Releasing Process, we have already started breaking them. When we become aware of such patterns, there are some very useful questions to ask ourselves which can help us work with the feeling of stuck-ness and resistance:

What do I want to control in this moment? Could I welcome that, and just let it be?

What am I resisting in this moment? Could I welcome that, and just let it be?

Could I allow myself to welcome this stuck-ness? Could I allow myself to let this stuck-ness be?

Could I allow myself to just be?  

As with all questions in the Releasing Process, we ask these questions not for any intellectual analysis. Instead, we suspend all intellectual analysis and judgment for the moment and ask the questions with our whole being and become energetically involved in the questioning. We allow for each question to settle and then let whatever feeling, emotion, thought or sensation to come up as response to it. We keep repeating these questions if we feel that more of the unconsciousness within us is coming to the surface as a response to them, and then let everything dissolve in its own natural pace.

Let’s allow our own inner-wisdom to guide us through this journey towards true Freedom…




Vivek Venugopal.

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