A wise person once said that an un-examined life is not worth living. The way to True Freedom is paved with our consistent efforts to examine our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and the world and discard those that are limiting or not helpful. And the Releasing Process in one of the most powerful tools available to us to let go of our limitations. This article focuses specifically on material abundance. Many of us carry many limiting beliefs about money and wealth. We try different techniques, attend many self-development seminars which focus on helping us get rich but unfortunately, most of us do not attain anything, mainly because we have not resolved yet to understand what beliefs are hidden deep within our minds which control all our behaviors and thereby the results we produce with regard to material abundance. Releasing Process helps us to discover our inner-limitations and eradicate them.

Let’s examine our beliefs about abundance. Below are many statements listed which are related to material wealth. As we read through the statements we will discover that some or most of them are not merely statements for us, but that they are our deeply-held beliefs about money and material abundance.

As you read through the sentences, whenever you detect an emotional response or any reaction within you, then allow yourself to welcome that and gently let it go. Keep letting go until you feel peaceful enough. Then you move on to the next statement. Keep doing the same process until all statements in the below list are finished.

Belief Questionnaire About Wealth

Rate yourself from 1 – 10 with regard to each of the following statements.
1 = 100% Disagreement up to 10 = 100% Agreement
____ 1. Money is the root of all evil.
____ 2. It’s more enlightened to be poor than rich.
____ 3. Most rich people probably did something bad or dishonest to get their money.
____ 4. Having a lot of money will make me less spiritual or pure.
____ 5. Getting rich takes too much work and struggle.
____ 6. Having a lot of money is a big responsibility.
____ 7. I don’t feel “good enough” to be rich.
____ 8. Realistically, chances are I’ll never be rich.
____ 9. Getting rich is a matter of luck or fate.
____ 10. Getting rich isn’t for people like me.
____ 11. Striving for wealth won’t allow much time for anything else in life.
____ 12. To be rich, you have to use people and take advantage of them.
____ 13. If I get rich, everyone will want something from me.
____ 14. If I get rich, there are certain people in my life who won’t like it or me.
____ 15. If I have a lot of money, it means someone else is going to have less.
____ 16. Having excess money means you’re greedy.
____ 17. I’m not very good in the area of money and finances.
____ 18. If I get a lot of money, I might lose it.
____ 19. If I really strive for wealth and don’t succeed, I’ll feel like a failure.
____ 20. I have the potential for wealth; all I need is a break.
____ 21. This just isn’t the right time for me to start “going for it” financially.
____ 22. I don’t really want to be wealthy.
____ 23. Money isn’t really that important.
____ 24. I’m too busy to put a lot of time and energy into learning.
____ 25. If I go become rich, that’s great. If not, that’s fine too.
____ 26. I don’t enjoy taking on responsibility.
____ 27. I’m not a strong leader.
____ 28. I have some resentment towards extremely wealthy people.
____ 29. I’m a good giver, but not a good receiver.
____ 30. Other people’s opinions of me are important.
____ 31. It’s better to get paid for my “time” than strictly for my performance.
____ 32. I’m already quite comfortable. I don’t need to push myself.
____ 33. If you’re rich in love, health and happiness, you don’t need money.
____ 34. I can make it on my own. I don’t need help from others.
____ 35. If I ask for help, people will think I’m weak.
____ 36. The only reason to work is to make money.
____ 37. There’s no use earning a lot more money because I’ll just have to pay more taxes.
____ 38. Once I have a lot of money, I’ll finally feel secure.
____ 39. By being rich, I’ll prove myself.
____ 40. Getting rich is not really a skill you can learn.
____ 41. I’m just not “meant” to be rich.
____ 42. God will make me rich, poor or middle-class.
____ 43. The investment world is complicated and hard to understand.
____ 44. Investments are for people who have a lot of money.
____ 45. Most investments, other than with the bank, are too risky.
____ 46. You can’t strive for wealth and be happy and fulfilled at the same time.
____ 47. Money can cause a lot of problems.
____ 48. It’s not right to make a lot more money than my parents.
____ 49. You can’t get rich doing exactly what you love.
____ 50. Trying to earn money is a hassle and a struggle.
____ 51. It takes money to make money.
____ 52. People should only have as much money as they need to live comfortably.
____ 53. Striving for wealth can cause stress and health problems.
____ 54. It’s difficult to get rich these days.
____ 55. Most of the good opportunities are gone.
____ 56. Given my past, it would be difficult for me to get rich.
____ 57. I’m not smart or intelligent enough to get rich.
____ 58. I’m not educated enough to get rich.
____ 59. I’m too young to get rich.
____ 60. I’m too old to get rich.
____ 61. As a woman, it’s much more difficult to get rich.
____ 62. I don’t like selling or promoting.
____ 63. I wish I didn’t have to deal with money.
____ 64. I don’t enjoy managing money.
____ 65. I don’t have time to manage money.
____ 66. I don’t need to manage my money because I hardly have any.
____ 67. Money corrupts artistic and creative endeavors.
____ 68. It’s not right for me to be rich while others have nothing.
____ 69. Financial security comes from having a good job and a steady paycheck.
____ 70. If you are not born rich, changes are you will never be rich.
____ 71. Rich people aren’t happy.
____ 72. If success comes easily, it’s not worthwhile.



Vivek Venugopal.

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