Emotional Freedom Advanced WorkshopEmotional Freedom Advanced is a powerful four days workshop that begins where the Emotional Freedom Basic workshop leaves off. If you have taken the basic workshop, you are eligible to take this wondrous journey into the heart of being. This course is designed to produce profound and lasting shifts in awareness, deepening your experience of that which is always, effortlessly present. It combines dynamic group releasing exercises, rare and powerful meditations, individual and partnership processes and personal time to do your own exploration. These activities will help you easily shift your perspective to greater truth and intuitive knowing.

 What can you expect from this workshop?

You will learn how to release from your natural state of freedom rather than striving to get to it. You will be free to acknowledge your own ever-present perfection. You will leave this workshop with solid new tools you can use in your daily life to continue your own progress and to support yourself in having all goodness that you choose in your life.

This advanced workshop will open new vistas in both your personal and professional life and help you to become better at what you do—and even enjoy it more. Let it gives you the time…the space…the motivation…the tools…the support…and I too offer my best skills and facilitation experience to help you release whatever is holding you back from a life lived in love, peace and abundance. This intensive is my sincere step in the direction of sharing Emotional Freedom insights with as many people as we can.