Counselling ServicesAccording to WHO, a whole individual is one who is physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy. It is here that psychotherapy and counselling steps in. It aims at making an individual whole and healthy, inside-out, who knows his role and holds his rightful place in family and in society.

Generally, there is a misguided notion that psychotherapy and counselling are meant for abnormal and mentally disturbed individuals. This is far from the truth. Psychotherapy is a very effective tool as an adjunct in the treatment of psychological abnormalities. But its real aim is to create in the individual, a better personal adjustment and growth in all spheres of his / her life. This is achieved by stimulating him to exploit his own hidden potentials and use more of his inner resources.

Services offered

1)    Individual Counselling/ Psychotherapy

Counselling is offered in areas such as Crisis intervention, Marital discord, Loneliness, Feeling of inadequacy, Depression, Anxiety, Poor Scholastic performance, Teenage problems, Alcoholism & drug dependence, irrational fear, Sexual problems, Stress & strain etc. In the counselling session, the client can expect someone who is interested in listening to his/her concerns and in helping to develop a better understanding to deal with issues more effectively. All cases are treated with strict confidentiality.

2)    Group Counselling/ Psychotherapy

Group counselling and psychotherapy tools can help the clients to learn and practice common techniques, methods and processes which help them to think, feel and behave better and to find options and solutions. Assistance will be given to develop and strengthen self-esteem of the group members. Group therapies include experiential processes through which the group members come to understand their own strength, abilities and values. They are thus elevated from a paralyzing state to an enabling state, thereby becoming healthier and capable of confronting the various problems thrown at them by life, and finding solutions by applying their own knowledge, skills and methods.


Benefits of counselling

Benefits of Psychotherapy

  • Better Relationships, Happiness & Peace of mind
  • Relief from mental pains
  • Better Clarity and Decision making Power
  • Ability to communicate honestly and lovingly with partner or other significant people in one’s life
  • Finding mutuality even with difficult people
  • Better mental & physical health