Try the following awareness experiment:

Clear your mind of as many thoughts as you can, and be here—in this moment. Take a few deep breaths and relax. Bring to mind a concern that you have about something that you didn’t like or concerned about, that happened to your children, your spouse, or your parents, or anyone who is significant to you. Now, try to notice as best as you can, that your concern is brought to life via your own thinking. Can you see that? If not, check again. Is the concern anything more than a thought? Keep checking. Now bring yourself back to this moment and recognize that whatever your concern was, it’s now true only in the realm of thought. It’s no longer real; it’s only a thought.

Now, do the same thing with a future-oriented concern you have regarding your child, or spouse, or close friend, or parents, or anybody who is significant to you. Again, notice that your concern, in this present moment, is only a thought. As you bring your attention back to this moment, you’ll become aware that your concern is only a thought. The only real moment is right now.

This understanding frees you from the bondage of the past and the fear of the future. It helps you slow down to the speed of life by keeping your attention on the only moment that you have any control over—the present moment.

If you felt any resistance to the experiment or you do not agree with it, at least be open to it as a possibility.


Vivek Venugopal.

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